1895 High Blantyre Primary School

Another incredible photo of High Blantyre Primary School was taken in 1895. This time we can see the location, and I’m sure even many decades later, people may remember these bike sheds at the back of the school. I certainly remember them from the 1970s. Again, the children are unknown, as are the teachers, but thanks to Isabel Fleming who shared this photo, we know that Lizzie (Elizabeth) Leggat is at the back row, far right. She was born on 12 January 1891 at Springpark, Auchentibber. She died on 26 April 1974 aged 83 at Cleland Hospital. She was recorded as being single.

If you’re wondering why these children didn’t attend Auchentibber School, the school had been closed in the 1890’s and reopened again around 1903.

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Elizabeth Weaver Some of those lace collars are works of art and presumably “best bib and tucker” for the school photo. No wee happy faces though – I suppose school wasn’t much fun back then and they’d probably been warned not to move a muscle.

Susan McMurray Wow these are great pics x

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