Letter opener Find at Madder Mill

2015 Archaeology Dig 6th June. (PV)

2015 Archaeology Dig 6th June. (PV)

Despite terrible rainy weather on Saturday 6th June 2015, the archaeology dig at Blantyre Works went ahead and even in the small trench that was opened that weekend, a few finds were uncovered.

Staff at the centre rolled their sleeves up, including Alison Ritchie, the centre manager to dig a trench 1m deep by approximately 2m long at a riverbank location adjacent to the existing lade.

At the end of the weekend, perhaps the most exciting find at the former Madder Mill location was the handle of a letter opened, perhaps around 200 years old. Gordon Cook sent me through this cleaned up image along with some photos he took of the surrounding area. Pictured also is my own photo of the archaeologists and volunteers at the dig.

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