Duncan Sillars, originally from Blantyre

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1940s Duncan Sillars

1940s Duncan Sillars, back, 3rd from right.

The photo is owned by Sonja Dyve Foggett who now lives in Newcastle. In the picture is Blantyre man Duncan Sillars who was Sonja’s father in Law. Duncan is back row 3rd from the right and it was taken around the 1940s. The Sillars family lived in Blantyre from c1920s and were a well known family.

Duncan was born in 1921 and his parents were Samuel Sillars & Isabella Ferrie. He had two brothers Angus & Tom & a sister called Peggy. 

When Duncan was 19 he the joined the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. During the war he was based in Whitley Bay where he met and later married his wife Hannah (Nan) Hadley. They had three children Robert, Isabel and Tom. Sonja married Duncan’s son Robert and they lived in Hamilton from 1975-1985, before moving to Newcastle where they lived most of their married life.  Duncan died aged 63 in 1983.

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  • Moyra Lindsay Sonia. What happened to Angus?
    • Garry Lee Gus was my dad! He died on the 31st of August 2008.
    • Moyra Lindsay Garry I knew that. Sonia said her dad in law Duncan had a brother Angus? My husband Don is your dads cousin.
    • Garry Lee Sorry too many angus’s😀 there has been an Angus in the family all the way back to 1750s.
  • Moyra Lindsay Just to let you know , Paul, this is my husbands family. This proves my theory that everybody in Blantyre is related to everyone else!
    • The Blantyre Project indeed a small world! wink emoticon
    • Andy Callaghan Hi Moyra, I remember old Mrs Sillars quite well. Don’s gran I think.
    • Moyra Lindsay She was, Andy! We had never heard of her having a son Angus! Maybe Sonja got it mixed up. There were a few skeletons as I found out when I did some research. Sometimes things are best left alone!

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