Crossbasket lade is now dug out

How pleased I was to see Crossbasket’s old Lade (an artificial watercourse) being dug out, cleaned up and made into a permanent feature of the estate again. These photos show the work that has recently been undertaken this Autumn in 2015. With work at Crossbasket nearing completion, the whole estate, including the ground is starting to look very beautiful indeed.

Thanks to Richard Rankin who shared these photos in the Friends of the Calder Group.

On social media:

  • Davy Thomson Good to see people looking after, and preserving Blantyres history, instead of just using it for commercial gain. Bravo to the new owners

  • Alistair Morrow Another couple of lades still exist in the area …. one at the Avon next to the bridges and one at Millheugh in Larkhall …. both however have been reclaimed by nature to a large degree

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