2015 Milheugh Redwood Trees

2015 Milheugh Redwoods. Jim ,Alex and Joey (PV)

2015 Milheugh Redwoods. Jim ,Alex and Joey (PV)

On a bright and crisp Saturday in early February, I took a walk down the Calder with Blantyre men Jim Brown, Alex Rochead and Joey “Peachy” Campbell. We were out exploring the ruined buildings of Milheugh but stopped for a moment to gaze upon how tall the Redwoods are near to the riverbank. These huge trees are not indigenous to the Calder and like some other plants and trees in Milheugh and Greenhall parks, they were once brought in hundreds of years ago to beautify the area, making it more “exotic”.

These Redwoods truly are immense, as you can see from the scale of this picture, but are still dwarfed by the massive Redwoods that are in America and Canada.

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  • Thomas Barrett is that the carry oot ?
  • Garry Lee Looks like Bacardi and coke to me
  • The Blantyre Project I’m saying nothing. lol.
  • Chris Ladds I believe from their size these redwoods were probably planted 1880-1900. They growso quickly, but we dont have the right conditions for them to reach collossal size. Probably quite a bit of growing left to do.
  • The Blantyre Project was down at the Priory this week and astonished by the size of some trees down there, with wider tree trunks, than even this redwood.

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