1950s Cowan Wilson Avenue Photos

James Graham, (son of Blantyre Preacher John Graham), sits atop a scooter in the late 1950s, outside his home at 13 Cowan Wilson Avenue. Pictured also is the family car.

The houses at Cowan Wilson Avenue were council homes, built in 1951. Thanks to James Graham for his written permission in July 2015 to share these photos. You can buy James’s excellent book on Amazon, by searching for “Memoirs of a Brickie”.

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  • Sheena Thomson Used to go to Mr Graham’s house in the late 50 he had a daughter who used to teach at the Bethney hall,and I’d go to their house to learn our lines for the Christmas service.
  • Marian Maguire He is very like his father.
  • John McManus Very cool Durkop Diana scooter he’s on. Rare.

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