1920s Main Street at Kirkton Cross

Main Street Blantyre, 1920s. Photo by Gordon Cook

Main Street Blantyre, 1920s. Photo by Gordon Cook

This photo is a new favourite of mine, again as its so close to home. Pictured in the early 1920’s is Main Street at Kirkton, looking down Main Street itself.

Pictured is the ‘Speirs Laun’ building on the left hand side which was eventually demolished in 1934, by order of the council for road widening purposes. The buildings on the far right of the photo lasted for several decades later and I’m sure many of our readers will remember them.

On a rainy Spring day, people gather outside the various shops in Speirs Laun as a Blantyre Co-operative Society cart makes deliveries. I’ve managed to zoom on on several features of this photo, thankfully as it’s in good resolution. For example, the detailing on the Speirs building itself, consisting of spirals, ornate columns and circular detailing above the windows, likely the work of local Architect Robert Thomson.

Thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing this excellent (and less common) photo.

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