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Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 13.54.58I’m spending this whole weekend researching and writing. In one of my forthcoming books, I’ve reached a story about “a white lady” ghost. Can anybody remember tales or comments about a “white lady” in Blantyre or indeed any other type of ghost!?

Best comments will be selected for inclusion into the book.

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  • Robert McLeod-Wolohan Yes when me and my brothers were young, ( many moons ago ) lol we used to go up the back road at high blantyre church now i cant remember the name of the place but there was an old castle ruin with a pond that was very close to it where we caught newts, and there were stories of a woman all dressed in white who was a ghost, and 1 night we stayed there a longer than usual and it started to get dark and we swear to this day that we saw her, we took to our heels and ran away from there as fast as our legs would allow us lol those were the days.
  • Lorraine Fagan There were loads of stories about the white lady when I was young – apparently she used to haunt udston primary at night, so not just confined to Blantyre.
  • Una Cochrane Hamilton I remember driving home from Motorola in Ek when a car turned from the Blantyre Rd and started following me really closely with its lights blaring. I was really frightened so I locked my doors and stopped on the Muttonhall Rd. Hoping it would pass. It didn’t and as I was looking in the mirror at it the lights went off and the car disappeared. Apparently it has happened to a lot of drivers.
    • Anne Marie McGarrigle What the hell, scarey stuff x.
    • The Blantyre Project When i was young in the late 1970s, i saw a white figure standing at the treelike looking back at me at the red ash pitches, behind Hunthill Road. Then she just walked into the calder. The light was dimming and it was exceptionally spooky. Not a fan of that park since.
  • Carolyn Patterson When we were young we would often walk up to green hall, and often on the back, someone always said that they saw the “White Lady” we would all run down heading for the falls screaming, then we would scare ourselves even more saying that something was moving in the old “Devils House”( there was old brick remains in the shape of a house) to the right before the gates. No one ever looked back and run up the Pech Brae checking that we were all ok ….LOL… they were the days……….
  • Gord Fotheringham ‘Twas a long long time ago my dad told me of a time when he and two pals were crossing the LIDO on the top side it was past ten o’clock when there appeared a lady all dressed in white……she called to them to “lean over lean over” they did and in a flash the express train came barreling through…..had they not leaned over they would all have been killed…..these really were the days…..will never be any like it again
  • Janet Thornton If you go up the bricky there are ruins on the field on the right as you go up. We used to call her the Lady Nancy. My brothers and their friends used to tell us scary stories about her. I seem to remember that if you saw her then you were about to suffer in some way.

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  1. About 17 years ago i was driving from blantyre to cathkin came over the back road which leads you out at east kilbride main road,on route a white horse as i thot jumped out field across road right infront of me i said to my friend who also seen it we should stop at the farm house and tell them but when we turned the bend the horse had just disappeared went into farm house they didnt have a horse and didnt know anybody round about who had white horse and is it had got near the ek road it would have got killed we would have heard about it as i live there at the time,bothe me and my friend seen it it must have been a ghost

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