Mavis Mill Weir & Lade Ruins

2015 Ruins of the Dam at Mavis Mill (PV)

2015 Ruins of the Dam at Mavis Mill (PV)

During March 2015, at the invite of owner Mr Clark Gibb, I spent a memorable afternoon at Mavis Mill. Along with his friend Alex from Spittal, we talked about the history of Mavis Mill and the highlight for me was to be given a tour around the substantial grounds.

Clark took me to the Calder riverside near his home, and there below the Priory Bridge Housing estate was the remains of Mavis Mill weir. Formerly a corn mill, Mavis Mill has had many owners over the years but of course is now in ruins and has not operated as a mill since the 1930’s. The ruins of the weir are still relatively visible in the river. I later found out from maps that the weir had been there certainly as far back as 1859, perhaps a lot earlier. The Weir dammed the river Calder, not far downstream from the Priory Bridge itself. The backed up water rose to sufficient height to enter a lade, controlled by an entry and exit sluice gate. Evidence of the abutments for the sluice are still very apparent.

Clark has now infilled the lade to make a pleasant walk alongside the river. In this photo, you can see the infilled lade and abutments of the sluice gates.

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