1930’s John J Fraser labour candidate

UnknownJohn J. Fraser residing at Jackson Street, Blantyre  was appointed on Saturday, 15th December 1934 as Labour candidate for East Lothian and Berwickshire. A Blantyre man, he was left an orphan before the age 10, and started work in Greenfield Colliery, Burnbank when he reached the age of 10 and a half!  At an early age he joined the Salvation Army, and was an S.A. officer for three years. As a Salvation Army officer he was stationed at Earlston.

He joined the emerging labour party about 1905, and he devoted a very large proportion of his spare time to voluntary organising and propaganda work all over Scotland. For over three years he was a full-time political agent in the Barkston Ash Division of Yorkshire. In the summer 1927, he was appointed by the London Co-operative Society to be their first political representative. Leaving Barkston Ash Division, he was appointed an organiser for the Labour Part in Yorkshire, Northumberland. Cumberland, and Durham. He severed his connection with the I.L.P. because he wholeheartedly disagreed with party policy, and the association of the I.L.P with the Communist Party.

For many years Mr Fraser was active trade unionist in Blantyre and district, and suffered victimisation. In one period, the Scottish Coal masters passed resolution to the effect that was not to be employed. Visiting America twice, he worked there as a coal miner. Life-long abstainer and pacifist, for many years he was active in the Rechabite Society, and held all the leading positions in the local Tent. He was a member of the Blantyre Society Board of Management for 17 years and became the first Chairperson of the Blantyre Educational Committee. He served on the old Blantyre Parish Council and was also chairman of the Blantyre School Management Committee.

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