Website Successfully enhanced!

Whilst on holiday last week, I made a few enhancements to the main website at

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 21.02.12Following a successful upgrade, the primary website has been updated and now includes:

1. Social Integration on Facebook: A selection of comments relevant to each post being made on Facebook , will now also appear under each post on the main website. This adds a new layer of social history to the facts of the post.

2. Social integration on Twitter: Each post made on Blantyre Project is now also automatically posted , not only to Facebook, but also to Twitter, reaching a larger audience and users who do not use Facebook.

3. Filenames for Photos: are now created in a slightly different format from before. In short, featured photos will be found much easier on Google and search engines.

4. No Adverts: All annoying adverts have now been removed from the bottom of posts, meaning only related Blantyre content will appear, immediately after each post. No adverts will appear on Blantyre Project.

5. Video upgrade: Video capability has been added to the website. Youtube is of course ‘king of videos’ for all subjects, but this upgrade allows small, permitted non copyright films and cine films to be featured on the website directly.

6. Domain mapped. i.e gone is the long wordpress URL you see in your browser and instead you’ll only see Blantyre Project name. i.e the domain

7. Related posts: After each article, the site now suggests related articles to the one just read!

8. Flickr Frequency: My own Blantyre photos taken and put on to Flickr, will now appear instantly on the Blantyre Project also, rather than having to manually upload them.

9. In the background, a massive space upgrade meaning lots more storage, IP banning, enhanced navigation and full search capability of any term previously featured in any of our posts.

10. Good Causes Total: The charity fundraising money raised by Blantyre Project and Blantyre Telegraph is now combined with a “live” running total shown. This is part of Blantyre Project running alongside “sister” website Blantyre Telegraph. Both sites look very similar but have of course very different intentions. In short, Blantyre Project traces Blantyre’s History. Blantyre Telegraph tracks Blantyre’s contemporary news, in a way…..covering both old and new news!

All other aspects will be left unchanged, as the site works very well, with a reliable and sensible navigation menu. Not only can you choose an area of Blantyre, you can choose an era too. The google friendly, dynamically changing front page that people are used to seeing (with daily new content), also remains unaltered and of course in this modern world of free websites and hosting, the site remains entirely free as a huge Blantyre resource for all.

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