Lost Family Connections found again

imagesA “feel good” story to end the evening. An email just received from Mary Falco who told me,”Hi Paul is it not great that your site has found my cousins!! I have been trying for years to find them all!! My cousin who lives in England near me, though one had moved to France. Now I have found Catherine. I am coming to Hamilton in August so we’ll meet in Perth before I go up north. Thank you again for your site, Mary”.

Blantyre Project – now connecting long lost families.


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  1. Hi Morag – I’ve added this to a rather large “to do” list, but strangely, i’m more suited to finding relatives further back than this, not having access to modern records. However, we can hope . I’ve noted your email address and if i find anything, I’ll be sure to contact you.

  2. Is it possible to track lost relatives through you? I have a cousin in Nova Scotia,Canada. Unfortunately I lost track of her in 1990. Her name is or was Heather McDonald. I was in Halifax 10 yrs later and tried to contact her. It is a very common name there. We were born in Blantyre. I am not sure of her bd but mine is Sept 10/43. My father was James Milne who died in the war. His father had something to do with the Police force. I am not sure of her fathers first name but last is Milne.my mothers name was Margaret Milne neeMiller. I am not sure if you can do anything with this. I visited Blantyre last summer. Most enjoyable. Am enjoying the posts. Morag Holdstock Kelowna B.C.

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