Late 1920s Hunthill Road Scene

Late 1920s Hunthill Road

Late 1920s Hunthill Road

A great High Blantyre photo which i suspect is from the mid to late 1920’s and one which hopefully you have not seen.

The street in between the houses is Hunthill Road. The photographer was standing at what is now the top of Watson Street, but this beautifully, clear photo was captured at at time before the steel homes were built. Although the middle tenement is now demolished, as is the building on the left, the small weavers cottages still remain, dotted along Hunthill Road, but of course are no longer thatched.

To the very right of the photo the spire of High Blantyre Old Parish Church can be seen.  A sleepy, quiet pre WW2 scene and one which is very different today.

Thanks to Gordon for sharing the higher resolution image. This was way better than my own copy.

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