Blantyre Project now also on Twitter

twitterI’ve been a member of social media site Twitter for about 6 years now, but never really took to it. 140 characters? Thats FAR too short for what i want to say here! However, on and off last year I’ve been toying with setting up additional functionality here, so that the posts made on are not only scheduled to Facebook instantly, but ALSO to Twitter, letting that audience also see Blantyre’s history.

I last played around with that a few months ago, and today at my lunch break, was pleased to see the function has been working smoothly for some time, where all posts made here are automatically copied across to Twitter and published there AT THE SAME TIME, instantly! It also provides a downloadable back up for myself, which is an added bonus.

The Twitter posts give Blantyre Project a larger audience and of course adds an additional layer of social integration into history articles featured on this site. Speaking of which, the Blantyre project website itself has been upgraded on the evening of Tuesday 14th July 2015, to feature Facebook’s social media comments within the articles themselves! This was a paid upgrade, one I’ve thought long and hard about. Comments are added the day after and are permanent after i choose which to feature. Not every post attracts social media comments, but when it does, it makes the archives here as complete as possible and I think adds an additional fun and community focused layer to the history published. Hope you like.

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