Audi Dealership opens at Whistleberry Road

2015 Audi HamiltonOne of the largest Audi approved dealerships has opened last Wednesday at Whistleberry Road, Blantyre. “Lookers Audi Hamilton” have invested £3.5million in Scotland with a state of the art showroom, which required 30 new staff members. (Whilst this is great for local jobs, I do wish incoming business to Blantyre would stop calling themselves Hamilton!!)

This post records the opening last week as 1st July 2015.
Their Managing Director commented, “This latest expansion provides yet another convenient location for the provision of our quality sales and aftersales service and its a great achievement for Lookers and for Audi UK that we can proudly claim to represent one of the largest Audi Approved showrooms in Europe.”
Photo by Blantyre Telegraph.

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