Auchentibber War Memorial Plaque

1920s Auchentibber War Memorial with large plaque

1920s Auchentibber War Memorial with large plaque

I just happened to notice the other day looking at old pictures (as I do), that the Auchentibber War Memorial looks different now, by comparison to what it did nearer the time of it being built.

Following WW1, the memorial had a massive plaque which covered most of the front of the marble. However, in post WW2 pictures, as it is today, the plaque on the front is much smaller. Of course, this must have been a combination of one or some of the following reasons:

1. It fell into disrepair, rusted or needed to be replaced.
2. It contained incorrect information or needed to be updated in some respect.

When I first noticed this, I had to check the wording on the Memorial again, as I had been convinced that the memorial may have had the plaque changed perhaps to list WW2 dead, but no, the names on the memorial are only WW1. Looking back at post WW2 photos from the 1950s and 1960s, it would appear that the smaller plaque has been there for over 50 years and I have to conclude was changed due to it deteriorating or being corrected. Jim Cochrane told me his mother recalls this was likely done in the 1960s.

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  • Alan Baird i can remember them changing the gate and railings , that wasnt yesterday either lol
  • Archie Peat Sad that plaque ! Of 14 names of the Glorious Dead only two served in the Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles ), the local Regiment

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