1972 The Lariat at Hillhouse

1972 Lariat Pub, Hillhouse

1972 Lariat Pub, Hillhouse

Now, I know this photo is not in Blantyre Parish (actually its about 100 yards over the boundary), but it is such a great photo, I thought I would share it here, after noticing it on the excellent Historic Hamilton page. Pictured is the Lariat pub in Hillhouse.

The date is 1972 and the Tartan Army are getting ready to travel to the football game with England.


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  1. I used to work here in 1975, Margaret and George used to run it, they had 2 Daughters, it was a Thriving pub then, I worked with Mary Paterson, it was a busy pub then, The Lounge and the Bar they had Entertainment Every Weekend, brings back Memories

    1. I used to spend many a night here along with John Thomson,Davie Speirs,Alex Mclean,big Colin,and myself Graham Dunn

      1. I remember most of them. I lived 2 doors along from Davie and also ran about with Alec and John Thomson. Brendan Doran (previously lived at 6 Fleming Court)

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