1969 Village Gala Day

1969 Village Gala Day

1969 Village Gala Day at David Livingstone Centre

I’ve uncovered this excellent photo of Blantyre Village gala day taken in 1969 at David Livingstone Centre. Tthis gala day had various guests of honour. Andrew Cruickshank, who played Dr. Cameron in ‘Dr. Finlay’s Casebook’, and Winnie Ewing SNP MP were the special VIP guests and pictured also is the gala queen and attendants. (You may have seen a previous photo of the Gala with these girls. Can you name them?)

This is such a clear photo and may not have been seen by many people before, including the girls themselves.

On 27th June 2015, myself and other members of Blantyre Community Committee joined forces with David Livingstone Centre staff of the National Trust and brought back the Royal Pageant to Blantyre’s Summer Galas, something that had been missing for several decades.

On Social Media:

  • Mary Meekat Great pic.. I just love Andrew Cruickshank he’s a legend. I still watch Dr Finlay now on a Saturday morning love it 😀 xx
  • Kathleen Anne Obrien Girl in the middle looks like an old neighbour, don’t know her married name but back then her name was Nancy Muir, Hardie St. The Crescents !!!
  • Catherine Campbell The gala queen is Jean Haliburton – my sister and her attendant was her best friend Nancy Muir, my sister still has some of the photographers photos that we got of the day.
  • Catherine Campbell Hi Kathleen we lived on Hardie street and I do believe Nancy lived in one of the crescents my brother John Haliburton still lives there
  • Marilyn Muir Yes, that’s my big sister Nancy Daisley (Muir) on the left and Jean Haliburton on the right.
  • Fiona Glen Aww Nancy Daisley this is a lovely photo of you. Might I add you haven’t changed a bit! Recognised you straight away Xx
  • June Fox Very enlightening & interesting Fiona … Blast from the past 
  • Andrew Little Awesome
  • Kathleen Anne Obrien Hi Catherine unfortunately I haven’t kept up to date with who lives in the Crescents now, my Mum stayed on in Hardie Street, after my sister & I got married, then she unfortunately died in 2006. Nancy & her Family lived straight across from us, small world !!!

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