1935 The Muir Street Miracle

1935 Lourdes Grotto

1935 Lourdes Grotto

In July 1935, a miracle was reported at Muir Street, High Blantryre.

A former miner who had been almost totally blind for 14 years claimed that his sight had been restored following his visit to Lourdes. He was Patrick Gallacher (49) who resided at 12 Muir Street, High Blantyre. Mr Gallacher was one of the 11,000 Catholic pilgrims whom in 1935 travelled to the grotto at Lourdes.

Interviewed on Tuesday 23rd July 1935, he said that after his first bath felt a distinct thrill in one of his eyes, and two days later he again experienced the thrill in his eye. A day later he could discern people and objects very dimly. He said that had not seen the face of his wife or his family of four for many years until his arrival home that same morning. His family was overjoyed at his recovery and the tale was reported to the press immediately. Previous to going to Lourdes, Mr Gallacher said, he had attended the Glasgow Eye Infirmary, the Ophthalmic Institute in Glasgow, and the County Hospital in Motherwell without avail.

Pictured that Summer in 1935, is Lourdes Grotto, the origin of the alleged miracle.

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  1. Christina Frame nee Lowe

    I was born in number 20 Muir St and I remember my mum and my Granny talking about Mr Gallagher!!

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