1908 Robert Ritchie at Broompark

1908 Robert Ritchie at Broompark Avenue

1908 Robert Ritchie at Broompark Avenue

Pictured here in 1908 in Broompark Avenue in exceptional clarity and high resolution is little Blantyre boy, Robert Ritchie. Photographed by David Ritchie (a distant relative of mine), Robert stands outside the door of his house in good clothes indicative of Sunday best, or perhaps part of a band or club? He lived at the second last semi detached house, just before the end of the road.

Robert’s home looked out over to Broompark House. The ground in the background of the photo, later became Broompark Grove, near the modern chapel.

Broompark Avenue was then a cul de sac, dead end, just as it is today. In recent years there was an entrance into Kirkton Park, which would later be to the left of this photo, but at the time of David’s photo, the entrance and indeed the park, did not exist.

The houses in Broompark Avenue, where Robert lived are still there today. I’m pleased to say, this photo, so full of character also confirmed to me that “chicken wire” existed as far back as then! Thanks to my distant relative Alex Bowie for sharing this photo.

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Margo Clayton Robert lived in Main St High Blantyre. He died in 1977 and is buried in High Blantyre cemetary. He married and had 2 children, David and Myra. I’m one of his great nieces!

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