The Hermits Cave

c1900 Hermit Hut Drawing

c1910 Hermit Hut Drawing

This poem about the Hermit of Calderwood Glen is dated 26th September 1722. The poem is accompanied by a sketch of the hermitage by Pastor Walter Wilson of High Blantyre Baptist Church during one of his walks to the area. Nothing but the foundation stone of the hermitage remains today. It is unknown where this hermit who lived in the glen, was eventually buried.


The pangs of life — of death itself are o’er,

The Hermit’s weary heart, shall throb no more,

He in this ruin found a home — a tomb —

Here where decay is robed in richest bloom

of earth — where heaven’s own soft yet radiant beam,

Still sheds young beauty on old Calder’s stream.

Yes! Here a chasten’d child of sorrow heard

and felt the comfort of God’s holy word,

Reader a few short hours — a few more throes

of human grief thy fleeting day shall close

at that dread moment may the light divine

which blest the dying eremite be thine.”

Thank you to Gordon Cook for assisting with this post.

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