1935 Rescuer’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

1935 Golden Wedding Anniversary

1935 Golden Wedding Anniversary

In December 1935, Mr & Mrs John Hendry of 82 Morris Crescent, Blantyre enjoyed their Golden Wedding Anniversary. (pictured)

Mr. Hendry with his father had acted as a rescuer in the terrible disaster on 22nd October 1877 when 222 men and boys lost their lives in the explosion which occurred in Blantyre Collieries belonging to Messsrs William Dixon Ltd.

He had been employed on the nightshift in Dixons Number 2 pit that fateful night. His father and he had been home from work not more than half an hour when they heard of the explosion and they at once left their home, like so many others, heading back to the pit.

Father and son, the latter being about 17 year old at the time for some weeks after gave their services in recovering the bodies. Mr John Hendry retired from the pits in 1925, his father dying many years previous to that.

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