Release dates for Books in 2016 and 2017

booksA little exciting insight into my new forthcoming books about Blantyre, currently advised today to my publisher for 2016 and 2017 release.

1. “Blantyre Explained” by the Blantyre Project will be out in Winter 2017. This 500 page massive book will be THE definitive book about Blantyre, containing reference to people and buildings and events in detail, fully illustrated containing absolutely everything about Blantyre that i can cram into it past and present. No stone is unturned. This book draft was opened first in July 2012 and when finished will have taken 5 years to write. It will correct some history previously published by others and of course contain all the exciting brand new research and discoveries of not just my own, but the comments of almost 10,000 people here on this page and excellent assistance from a few like minded people. I’d say it is 45% complete just now.

2. “Blantyre Banter” by the Blantyre Project is out in Spring 2016. I took my computer out to pubs and clubs at weekends and collected the life experiences of everyday Blantyre people. Its amazing how the stories flow, when people have had a drink or two. The sights, sounds and memories of real Blantyre people. Its a real good read with many witty stories and i think will be warmly received. It is currently 60% written, although i need more pub stories to finish it!

3. “A Blantyre Life” collates my own life experiences about Blantyre from 1971 until the present day in some detail. Its an insight into my life as a child and teenager growing up in Blantyre. What i saw, what i did, where i went. As a child i kept a diary/journal on and off, and certainly for the ages of 11-13 and 16-18, i have a detailed account of what i did everyday. This has helped me fill in gaps and my memories and able to write about what life was like in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Blantyre. Its 90% complete although needs further permissions obtained from some people, including a huge editing task ahead. It will be released in Spring 2016.

3. “Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time – Volume 3” continues the popular series of historical news articles and researched history into Blantyre’s people and buildings. It will be the largest volume in this established series with over 260 pages. Release was unfortunately put back from Dec 15 to Springtime 2016, due to my recent eye injury, and is about 80% complete.

4. “The Marianski Chronicles” by the Blantyre Project, is a 200 page publication due out in Summer 2016. It features an immigrant to Scotland, once living in Hamilton and then Blantyre. The life account of this rogue and what he go up to in this town, is told in detail. I’m frustratingly awaiting some information from another source to continue this but its about 60% complete.

5. “Blantyre in Pictures” by the Blantyre Project is a smaller book, showing the best high resolution old photos and postcards from between 1900 – 1920 and comparing them to their respective 2015 locations. This book is very pictorial with little words and will serve to show just how much Blantyre has changed. It was the book most asked for, when i surveyed this page a few months ago. It has started but only 20% complete. Release date is Winter 2016.

Phew! This is all time pending of course. My writing is all done in evenings and weekends, once my wee girl is sleeping and whilst dates are given above, they’re indicative and can be changed at any time, (to ensure i remain in good health!) 2015 releases will be the recent “History of Crossbasket Castle” only, ensuring I now get the time going forward to complete the above books. My three books are now available as shown below which can be bought anytime as a gift using the “SHOP NOW” button at the top of the page. Two of the books profits are going to The Haven charity.

During my recent holiday last week, I managed to catch back up on some articles for this page and advise that 3 daily posts containing brand new content are already scheduled for this page right up until the Glasgow Fair week. Exciting stories, and some excellent discoveries coming up!! Thanks to everybody who takes an interest in my writing and research.

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