Poultry Farming Mystery

Mystery poultry Farming

Mystery poultry Farming

Over the next couple of days, I have a couple of mystery photos to show you. The subjects are known to be Blantyre, but the location, dates and references are unknown. Gordon Cook showed me this photo, taken from a series of slides about Blantyre.

My best guess is that it may have been the field behind Mavis Mill, Low Blantyre. Perhaps the bing of Bardykes Colliery? The field profile looks familiar but I have never heard of any poultry farming on this scale being carried out there (or indeed anywhere else in Blantyre). Do you know where this is?

Update: I think this may be Earnock Poultry Farm. Extant in the 1930’s on the site of the later Earnock High School. The bing in the background could be Hillhouse, but the picture is stlll unconfirmed and looking for your comments.

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