Livingstone Centre Warden’s Surprise

2009 Roe Deer at Auchentibber by Jim Brown

2009 Roe Deer at Auchentibber by Jim Brown

Mr Robert M’Callum of Blantyre who was warden of the Livingstone National Memorial at Blantyre was greeted by an unusual sight when he turned up for work one morning in May 1936.

When going into the recreation park adjoining the memorial the other morning, he was surprised to see a fine specimen of a red roe deer walking leisurely in the grounds. He got to within twelve yards of it, but when it noticed him it bolted away and leaped a high fence, and quickly disappeared in the thickly-wooded ground on the bank of the River Clyde. This is the third time within recent weeks that a deer of this species has been seen in the Blantyre district, but it may be the same one that was noticed first of all jumping the River Calder, in the grounds of Calderwood Castle, High Blantyre, then in a field behind the cottages in the extreme west end of the Glasgow road. From Calderwood Castle to the Livingstone Memorial is about four miles, and it may have followed the River Calder to its entry into the River Clyde, and been harbouring among the heavy treeland area around the Memorial.

Roe deer are still common around Blantyre, often venturing into busier parts. Photo is Roe Deer at Auchentibber in 2013, photographed by Jim Brown.

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