1938 Clyde Bridges from Blantyreferme 1 & 2

1938 Clyde Bridges from Blantyreferme Colliery

1938 Clyde Bridges from Blantyreferme Colliery

There is a reference on this photo suggesting it is from 1938. Pictured in some clarity are the Clyde Bridges at the North end of Blantyre Parish. The photographer must surely have been standing on the actual bing in the Blantyreferme colliery itself to capture this scene.

The shadow of the bing in the foreground suggest this is an afternoon photograph, the lack of leaves on the trees suggesting Winter or Spring. Crops in the field suggest Spring more likely. The field in the foreground is the farmlands behind Boatland (Boat Jocks) and Blantyreferme itself. To the left the colliery yard behind the Blantyreferme brickworks. In the distance the Clyde Railway bridge and the River Clyde complete the scene.

This field was acquired in the subsequent years that followed this photo, with the Blantyreferme Colliery using it to construct pit paths for the miners. The pit bath building was constructed in a similar style to nearby Priory Collieries baths which were built 6 years previous to this photo. By the time of this photo, Boatland was in decline.

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