1881 Hunthill Junction Permissions

1881 Implementing Signals at Hunthill

1881 Implementing Signals at Hunthill

Thank you to Robert Brownlie for sharing all these important Caledonian Railway (internal) documents relating to the planning application, consents and approvals for the Hunthill Junction of the Caledonian Railway line.

The stone viaduct at Greenhall was being built in 1881 as part of this extended line intended to take the railway up to East Kilbride. The vast obstacle to this was obviously crossing the Calder Valley and the stone abutments were needed. Whilst the line was being built, the railway junction at Hunthill Road was also constructed concurrently placing a second bridge over Hunthill Road, immediately adjacent to the existing one taking trains to High Blantyre Station.

These documents request permission to use the junction in order to run in materials (presumably stone and iron) for the construction of the pillars and the remainder of the line. The permission was granted following inspections, noted also in the documents. Approvals were also provided for the testing and inspection of new signal points for the junction.

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