1937 Retired Footballer becomes teacher

1929 Evelyn Morrison footballer

1929 Evelyn Morrison footballer

Evelyn Morrison was a Wishaw footballer who played for Falkirk. He finished as the top scorer in the Scottish Football League Division One in the 1928–29 season, scoring 39 goals. This remains the highest single-season total ever recorded for the club. This season attracted much interest from larger clubs, with Evelyn going on to play with Sunderland, before returning to Scotland at Partick Thistle.

Upon his retirement from football in 1937 (and not having the massive wages the game pays out today), he decided to fall back upon his other love, carpentry, or rather the teaching of it. He chose Blantyre to settle down and applied for a job at St Joseph’s Primary School.

So it came to be, Mr Evelyn Morrison, the distinguished footballer and idol of thousands of football fans, adopted a new career as woodwork master at St. Joseph R.C. Primary School, Blantyre. (Sorry about the quality of the photo, only one i could find!)

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