‘The Old Original Bar’ Mob

1970s The Old Original Mob

1970s The Old Original Mob

A poem by the late Blantyre historian, Jimmy Cornfield, all about the Old Original Bar and it’s characters. The poem is accompanied by a very suitable photo. Can you name the “mob”?

The “Old Original Bar” Mob
(Craig’s Tae You An Me)

A bunch O the boys were whopping it up outside Craig’s Auld Original Baur,
They had all been in and had a good sup, now they were home for the war!

Whilst standing in the cold rain, a photo was taken by McGuire,
The ale had given them Dutch courage, to face she who sits by the fire.

Up spoke a voice from within the bunch,”I’m hame for the trouble I’m intae”
The rest looked in awe at this brave man, whose name was Jim McGinty.

Cousin Hugh then spoke, but he was alright, for a bachelor man was he
Not for him, the fear O` a woman, he was a gentleman and fancy free

James McFauld and Todd were another two, both single the same as Hugh
Not for them the wrath o` a woman, so they drunk the whole day thru.

McBride McGaulley and Morris, Coulter, Cummiskey and Finnegan
Cowardly looked at each other, then turned and went back in again.

I look at this photo now and again, taken in days O` lang syne,
The reason I’m not in it? I was in the loo at the time!

“Now the moral of this tale, is never be a liar
Don’t get a photo taken outside a pub in Blantyre”
Just be like me and go for a pee and never tell McGuire……..

James Cornfield 2008

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