1976 First day of School Term

1976 Paul Veverka and Lesley Addison

1976 Paul Veverka and Lesley Addison

I look back at this photo with fond memories. The little boy is me! The girl, my friend and neighbour, Lesley Addison.

This was in the back garden of the Veverka home at Stonefield Crescent. Our old Anderson Shelter in the background and the beginning of mum’s beautiful gardens.

I still cant believe I had a blonde bob haircut in the 1970s. lol. The uniform is High Blantyre Primary. Didn’t we look smart! My schoolbag is now up my own loft but still has the little tobacco tin in it for my “words”. Does anybody else remember learning to read with strips of words? I was five in this photo.

Blantyre girl Helen Robb told me on social media, my sister and I also had tobacco tins for our words. Then when we thought we were really smart, we would cut out the ” big words” from my mums Daily Record, and add them to our tins!! Mum tried to read her paper with half the words cut out. Haha.

Ronnie Woods added, Remember the garden like that Paul your dad used to keep his old bike with the upright handlebars in the Anderson shelter

Thanks also to George Park, who recently sent me a restored version of this photo.

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