1953 The Three “Horrors”

1953 Mary Pearson, Sarah Cook, Linda, Ann & Jayne at Public Park shared by L Mackie

1953 Mary Pearson, Sarah Cook, Linda, Ann & Jayne at Public Park shared by L Mackie

During Christmas 2014, Linda Mackie contacted me sharing this family photo.

Linda told me, “Here is a photo of my mum, (Mary Mackie nee Pearson, my foster grannie Sarah Cook, myself, Linda, my wee sisters Ann and Jane in the public park at Blantyre in 1953/4 summer of…as you can see my Dad wrote underneath it “the three horrors.”

A smile would surely have been on Linda’s Dads face as he knowingly wrote that cheeky message for future generations to look back on.

Anne McKillop told me on Social media, I knew Mary Mackie and her Mother Mrs Pearson. I worked in the village co-op and sometimes served them.When I went out on the mobile shop, Mary would bring out a pot of tea for us on cold nights. I remember Mary being a lovely person


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  1. Hello Ann McKillop again years later, I have only just read your whole wee story about my Mum and it brought tears to my eyes, My Mum was so sociable back home and continued to be so in her working years in NZ. Unfortunately as she aged, she was unable to keep up the friendships she had made at work and became a bit isolated. The earthquakes in Christchurch finished off her independent living and she came to live with me in Auckland, I was so blessed to have her during her last few years and we lived with our grand children, our great and great grand child. What memories I have and thank you so much for adding to them, I so remember the mobile van coming round and how my Mum eeked out a living for six kids on one income, she was an amazing woman.

  2. Hello Anne McKillop I remember a few faces in the village co-op in the mist of my child mind, remember getting butter for my grannie “Mrs Pearson” and how lovely all the service staff were, thankyou for being patient while I tried to remember half a pound or quarter pound of butter. I bought some butter Pats in an antique shop in remembrance of you all. I was fascinated by the whole process as a child. All the best Linda

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