The Marshalls at Calderside

Jim Marshall and sister at Calderside.

Jim Marshall and sister at Calderside.

Jim Cochrane has kindly shared some of his family photos here. Jim’s family have connections to Calderside Farm and like all the best kind of photos, usually have plenty of people in them!

The first with the boy and little girl at the horse, is Jim’s uncle Jim Marshall and his mother, pictured at Calderside Farm. Jim may be able to tell us the year or even decade, which I suspect is the 1930s.

Another picture shows haytime at Calderside.

Regarding the photo with 4 adults and a child, Jim told me, “This is my Great Grandfather James Marshall and Great Grandmother who was a Mclean from Campbelltown pictured at Calderside.”

and finally of the large group photo, “The Marshalls From Calderside my Mums in the Middle and my Gran Annie and Grandfather John Marshall both to the right”

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