Import of Blantyre Telegraph

Blantyre Telegraph New logo

Blantyre Telegraph New logo

Complete with a new fantastic logo design, Blantyre Telegraph is now featured here on the Blantyre Project news pages. Blantyre Telegraph was established in 2011, is my own “sister site” and is a non profit local news reference for all Blantyre information. I now have quite a network of local sources, who happily and freely make information available to me when it happens, as well as excellent contacts in the reporting world. If it’s happening in Blantyre, its on the Telegraph!

The listing of recent local news is easy to manage here and would appear the search engines are finding the news items, so I can progress with importing all stories from the last 3 years into this website.

Whilst Blantyre Telegraph is primarily a facebook page, all local incoming news items will be automatically duplicated here, making Blantyre Project, a one stop shop, not just for history, but for all Blantyre current affairs too! I can already see the positive impact this is having on traffic visiting the site. To ensure the historical content is not diluted, I’ve kept all the Blantyre Telegraph items in the News Section only. I am undecided at this time if the modern news stories should feature on the main front page, something I may trial soon. Hope you agree this is a worthwhile addition to Blantyres History & News website.

After all, today’s news is tomorrow’s history.

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