Bridging the River Clyde

1938 Bridge Positions

1938 Bridge Positions

Whilst looking at this 1938 map of David Livingstone Centre, it suddenly clicked WHY the current Suspension bridge is located there. Not just because it offered direct entrance to the centre, but also as it is the shortest point to cross the river!

I marked up this map showing the current crossing in green, which at that location, was first spanned in 1952. This particular location offered the quickest point to cross and offered a little land jutting out into the river to construct solid foundations, a preferred method to building in the water! Finally, there was the ready made path on the Bothwell side leading down to the location of the new bridge, already established as the Bothwell access previously to the river.

To planners and construction companies, this would truly have been the ideal, cost effective option. The old Pey Bridge from 1852 is shown with red dots and closed on 26th April 1949.

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