1930 The Shrine, David Livingstone Memorial

1930 The Shrine David Livingstone MemorialI’m always on the lookout for new postcards and photos of Blantyre, so I was pleased the other day to win an online auction and get this beautiful unused postcard from America. Pictured in 1930, is The Shrine, in the inside of David Livingstone Memorial at Shuttle Row.

I’d never seen the picture before and one in as good quality as this is rare. The Shrine is very basic, yet beautiful. It is a quiet place for reflecting upon life, loved ones, family and friends no longer here. It is a suitable post this Christmas Eve, to remember that this season has a deeper meaning than the commercialism we surround ourselves in. Whatever your faith, wherever you are, whoever you are, I wish you all good health, happiness and a Merry Christmas!

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