Miners Forfeit Wages to Charity

On 13th December 1938, a report of a strike ending featured in Blantyre papers.The strike saw 850 men down tools, all to stand up for 4 colleagues whom they believed had been unfairly treated. The report states:

1930's Priory Row Miners Houses & Bing

1930’s Priory Row Miners Houses & Bing

“Settlement of a strike at Priory Colliery, Blantyre, yesterday will help a local charity. Four men whose suspension led to the strike will be reinstated, and will forfeit some of their wages as a fine. At the colliery, which belongs to William Baird & Co., 850 men have been idle since Wednesday last. Settlement was reached yesterday afternoon. Earlier in the day Mr Alexander Hunter, president; James Welsh, M.P., vice president: and Mr James M’Kendrick. general secretary. Lanark County Miners’ Union, along with local officials the union, met Mr William Jarvie, managing director; Mr David Gavin, general manager: and James manager, at the head office of the company.

After a lengthy discussion the firm agreed to reinstate the four suspended men on condition the first the four men to have left his work should forfeit day’s wage, and the other three forfeit half wage to local charity.  The union officials, on behalf of the four suspended men agreed. They later reported to a meeting of the strikers the Miners’ Welfare Hall at Blantyre and the men agreed to accept the report. Work will be generally resumed this morning.”

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