1988 Wilkies Bardykes Farm Advert

1988 Advert for Wilkies Farm

1988 Advert for Wilkies Farm

I was recently looking through a trunk full of Blantyre “stuff” I’ve collected over the years and surprised to see that some contemporary (and unremarkable) booklets or articles I’d put away at the time, are now in themselves turning into pieces of Blantyre history and becoming more interesting!

For example, this advert for Wilkie’s Farm at Bardykes whilst nothing special at the time is now 26 years old and starting to feel quite nostalgic!

“Some things don’t change, like the quality and freshness of Wilkie’s Milk. Established in early 1900’s, we have been supplying milk and top quality dairy products in and around Blantyre ever since.”

Wilkies established their dairy in 1904 but it took until 1957 for them to take over the grand house from many, many generations of Jacksons, who had been living there since the 1500’s. The advert features a nice sketch of Bardykes House from last century. With the property taken over by Wilkies, from so many generations of Jacksons, it would appear “some things do change“.

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