1950’s Archibald Peat’s 90th Birthday

1950s Mr Peat 90th birthday

1950s Mr Peat 90th birthday

Mary Peat DeSarno has shared this 1950’s picture showing her great grandfather’s 90th birthday. In the picture is also Mary’s father and grandfather.

Archibald Peat celebrated his 90th birthday amongst family and friends at Blantyre Co-operative hall. The article told that Mr Peat still sung with the Parish Church and that he took a keen interest in Blantyre Vics football club.

Looks like a big celebration!

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  1. By my calculation this photo should be closer to 1938. Archibald Peat in 1891 census has estimated year of birth 1848, Son also Archibald was born 1883 and William Peat, Mary’s father, was born 1922. The son Archibald was a baker who lived at 194 Glasgow Road in the 1920s. I’m sure he put on a good spread. His wife Sarah Miller was my great grandma’s sister.

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