1973 Sledging down the Calder

1973 Veverkas sledging at Calder

1973 Paul and Janet Veverka sledging at The Calder

I thought I would share this family photo. It’s one of my favourites. Winter 1973 and I’m the little boy on the sledge. Pictured also is my mother, attentively looking after me, making sure I had fun that day. I think this was taken at the top Calder, not far from Hunthill Road. Although I can’t remember it happening, each time I see this photo, three things come to mind.

1. This would be a wonderful Christmas card!

2. My mother’s clothes would be SO in fashion today!

3. The sledge was made by my dad. It lasted for many more years and the runners always had to be sharpened up to make them less abrasive.

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