1940 Blantyre Accies Football Team

1940 Blantyre Accies Football team

1940 Blantyre Accies Football team

On 15th September 2014, I was contacted by Caroline McDougall who shared this 1940 picture of Blantyre Accies Football Team.

Caroline writes, “Hi Paul, This picture was taken in 1940/41 down beside Dale House in John Street. The team was run by my papa Danny McDougall ( back row with his hand in his trouser pocket ) and Jock Wallace ( with the dark coat on ). The team are called Blantyre Accies.

Next to my papa is Tam McDougall and next to him is Jock McDougall both my papa’s brothers. In the front row the young boy is Danny McDougall my uncle and sitting next to him is another of my papa’s brothers Neil McDougall. Kneeling in the front row is John Swinburne ( Swinny ).”

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