Caldervale , Fin me oot seat

For some time, the lost village of Caldervale (now gone) at Blantyre’s North Western boundary has only been able to be found by the few items remaining there. The odd clothes pole, a small shed or two, but visitors intent on finding out where the location was, are guided helpfully by this little seat. A makeshift bench, to sit on and enjoy the view. Written on it is “Caldervale” and it’s nickname “Fin me oot”.

I was recently pleasantly surprised to find out recently that a friend actually maintains and wrote this name on this bench. To maintain his privacy, I’ve kept him anonymous, but I know he’s reading this. If you want to be named, please let me know and I can update the story.

7 responses to “Caldervale , Fin me oot seat

  1. Just had a fantastic dog walk there, I met Eddie with his Golden Labrador and he told me all about Fin Me Oot and the surrounding area. He had some great stories, if I wasn’t driving I’d have taken him for a pint. See you next time Eddie.

    Dougie, with the two Black Labradors

  2. I was born in Finmeoot in 1950. I had a lot of relative live there, before they moved to USA. My name is Joe McGarry

  3. Went to newton primary school in the 1950s and some of my class mates lived in fin moot they walked to school ,I remember their clothes being dried out on the rads in the winter

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