Blantyre Curling Team 1891

1891 Blantyre Curling Team celebrate at Priestfield Farm, High Blantyre

1891 Blantyre Curling Team celebrate at Bellsfield Farm, High Blantyre

A wonderful photo, already much more than a century old depicting Blantyre’s Curling Team.

The distinguished gentlemen are turned out in their finest atire in 1891 to be photographed after winning the Curling league. They’re pictured at Bellsfield Farm, High Blantyre. They won the cup at Carsebreck Loch which in the 19th century was the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

Sent in by Arlene Green, her great, great grandfather Alex McWilliam who was a farmer at Greenhall, is pictured in the middle row on the right.

Incredibly, since the celebration of winning the Scottish Cup is well recorded, the other men are named and identified. They are;

Back Row Left to Right: 1. Arthur Brown, 2 Charles Allan, 3 Alex Aitkenhead, 4 John Aitkenhead (brother), 5 Thomas McLean.

Middle Row Left to Right: 1 Matthew Cambell Jnr, 2 Paton Aitkenhead, 3 Thomas Scott, 4 John Craig of Bellsfield, 5 Arthur ?, 6 ? Hastie, 7 Alex McWilliam

Front Row Left to Right: 1 Robert Stewart, 2 ? Adam, 3 Matthew Campbell Snr, 4 James Pearson

This next photo shows the team standing at one of the ice curling ponds. There were several curling ponds in Blantyre. One near Milheugh, one at Stonefield Public Park, one near Greenhall to name a few.

1891 Blantyre Curling Team


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  1. I thought curling was strictly a Canadian sport. Thanks for setting me straight.

    1. The game originated in Scotland, it’s popular in Canada because we have a lot of Scots and a lot of winter. Registration for this winter’s curling stated yesterday.

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