Alex Murphy and Frances Docherty

Brenda Murphy of Australia sent in these 1972 pictures of her mother and father. Pictured are Frances Docherty and Alex Murphy. Brenda wrote of her father, “Alex Murphy was an expat Scot (who emigrated) to Australia in 1972. Now passed away, but never forgotten. He was on the committee at Blantyre Welfare worked and worked ‘doon the pits’ fae a young man. He never got back for a visit but loved his homeland dearly. So handsome my son is a clone”

In the other photo of her dad, Brenda writes, “My Da out on his motorbike stopped for a cigarette no doubt. Don’t know if it was Mum who took the pic. Will have to ask, if so he may have had the side car attached. Miss you Dad and proud to say I am the daughter of Alexander Murphy & Frances nee Docherty of Blantyre Scotland”


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  1. Hi David nice to hear from you it would be great to show Mum the picture please send when you can David keep in touch , managed to track down cuz and he is going to help me with birthdates etc of ma Grandpa Murphy and going to do the same with Mums side for her great grandkids catch up soon 🙂

  2. tks for posting my history will dig up some more told Mum about these being posted on your site she was fair chuffed.

    1. Brenda,your mum and my mum were great friends,her name was Margaret McKinnon nee Rooney your mum sent us a lovely letter when my mum passed in 1993,I have a photo of both of them with their friend Betty McDermott,let me know and I will email you a copy.Hope you,your mother and family are all well,God Bless, David McKinnon.

      1. Hi David just going through emails and I noticed your reply sorry a bit late in responding yes please do send the picture. Hope all well with you and yours Regards Brenda

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