1940s Arthur Rochead delivering milk

c1947 Arthur Rochead delivering milk

c1947 Arthur Rochead delivering milk

Pictured as a young man, Arthur Rochead is out delivering milk in the 1940s.

Alex Rochead told me, “My uncle Arthur was born on 17 May 1929. Here is is delivering milk before the use of milk bottles.”

If he’s eighteen or so in this photo, it may be around 1947.

The location looks like Hunthill Road. The cart, which would have been pulled by a horse is laden with milk churns, the small canisters being used to fill up and deliver to businesses and residents. The cart is labelled “James Rochead” meaning the delivery run was for Broompark Farm. Such a wonderful picture and thank you to Alex for sharing.

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Andy Callaghan I wonder which one of the Rocheads used to chase me and my cousins out of his fields into Morris Crescent in the 50s n early 60s. If he caught you he took you back to the farmhouse, tied you to a chair n pulled out your front teeth. It was common knowledge. And he was never brought to justice.

James Graham I went out delivering milk with Arthur using these open milk cans c 1950.

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