1920s Blantyre Priory Ruins

These two great photos are taken in the 1920s at Blantyre Priory. They show substantially much more ruins that are actually there today. Pictured in some detail are the windows , doors and lintols giving an indication of the scale the building once used to be. The Priory stood fairly intact over the centuries since it was abandoned in the reformation years of the mid 1500’s. It suffered the most damage, when in 1841 the nearby farmer at Craigknowe removed the stones deliberately for resources to assist building dykes and outbuildings. That story is retold here http://blantyreproject.com/2014/03/13/removing-blantyre-priory-stones/ Sadly, much of the fabric of Blantyre’s oldest building was destroyed. These two photos, though almost 100 years old, show how the building went from this to the mere handful of stones it is today.

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