1903 Main Street , High Blantyre

mainstThis old postcard dates back to 1903. Pictured is High Blantyre Main Street looking East. Scanned in here in high resolution the postmarks are coming through the card on to the picture.

Photographed are some children playing at a thatched house on the left. Facing directly out on to the main street, this cottage is now the location of the Baptist Church. Priestfield leads off to the right and of course the large tree is still there today.

I was recently informed there were toilets behind the wall beside the tree, although i think this is a reference to post world war 2 years. 1903 was a pivotal year for High Blantyre as the street was being extensively upgraded at the time with new homes and businesses. Thatched homes were definitely on the way out.  Several of the tenement buildings are brand new in this picture, although the building at Broompark dates back to 1894.

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