Calling all Morrisons

Morrison_Clan_CrestCalling all “Morrisons”! I was contacted today by CJ Morrison of North America who is collecting all history and heritage of Clan Morrison. He’s now arrived at links to Morrison families in Blantyre and writes “Through DNA testing, I have reason to believe that my Morrisons came from the Blantyre area. I would encourage Morrisons interested in genealogy to contact FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) and request a test kit to submit a DNA sample. This will be matched with Morrisons found in the Clan Morrison of North America DNA Project. This can be accessed through There are hundreds of Morrisons listed and many groups of those who match others similarly. My group is Group C and one participant has solid paperwork evidence of being from Blantyre and area.”

CJ is interested in getting in touch with Morrison families from Blantyre. If you’re from that line, comment below and i can message you his email. Thanks.


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  1. Penny:
    There was a MORRISON family who came to the Ballymoney area of Co. Antrim in the 1700s. They were Covenanters fleeing persecution in Scotland. The couple who fled were Matthew Morrison and Letitia McIlree.
    Their son, Robert Morrison, was a brick maker.

    I have no knowledge of any of them going back to Scotland, but some went to the USA and Canada, and Australia.

    Ironically, I do not think those Morrisons were related to me, a MORRISON whose father was from Ballymoney with roots there in the 1700s, at least.

    My maternal relationshipis to the
    McIlree family of Matthew MORRISON’s wife.

    DNA testing is the best hope for establishing the ancestry of your Morrison forebear..

  2. I am CJ MORRISON mentioned in the article and wonder if any male Morrison, of your ancestry, has had Y-DNA testing done. If not, is there a possibility that this could be done?

    My MORRISON ancestry is from Ballymoney, County Antrim. My nephew tested with FTDNA and one of his matches has Blantyre ancestry, but does not have MORRISON as a surname. DNA shows that he matches about 11 MORRISONs in Group C of the MORRISON Surname Project of FTDNA.

  3. I think I am related grand father was james gun morrison

  4. Hi,
    I’m descended from John Morrison b abt 1816 Co Antrim, Ireland. John (a brickmaker) and his wife Mary Ann Moore left Ireland about 1832 and settled in Blantyre. They had 11 children of whom 3 died young. Their son William b 1842, my Great-great grandfather came to NZ , with his wife Catherine Lamb in 1872.
    Do you know if my John Morrison b 1816 was related to the other Morrison’s in Blantyre? I see there is a William Morrison b 1798 Carmoney, Ireland. Could he be John’s brother? Maybe that is why they chose Blantyre to settle. Relations were already there.
    I’m desperate for more info about this family.
    Kindest Regards
    Penny Andrews (Morrison)
    Wellington, NZ

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