Blantyre School Board intervenes

On Sunday 19th November 1944, in the midst of WW2, Blantyre School Board were sent out to test the draught in a Schoolhouse in East Kilbride. Having enjoyed quality schools in the area for some time, the Board were to assess the temperature of the Jackton schoolhouse and conditions. This followed a complaint from Patrick McShane of East Kilbride, that the school draught and shiver, was “enough tae blaw the hair aff a goat!”

Pictured much earlier in 1910 is Jackton Schoolhouse on the far left, photographed by High Blantyre Photographer, David Ritchie. It is perhaps no surprise to know the Jackton schoolhouse is no longer there.

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Janet Cochrane My father started at Jackton school when they stayed at Craighall before moving to Calderside in 1915
Anne Irvine I love that saying..
Chris Ladds The Jackton school was around until recent decades Paul – closing in 1988 and was a happy and thriving little school until that time. It shut due to resource shuffling under regional government and increasing centralisation of education in the urban centres. This was following a short reprieve in response to public uproar. It was much altered over the last century including a complete 25k refit in the 60s. There was also a fire in it sometime after it was closed. That is what led to the removal of the building. It was veing offered for sale prior to that.
Ruth McCafferty The school I attended was up a lane at the right hand side of the tall building, the one on the left was the headmaster’s house ..
This photo is from the mid sixties , showing all the pupils who attended at that time

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