A.R.P’s working in the dark

ARPDuring 1941, forty A.R.P. (Air Raid Precautions) wardens of No. 3 Post, Blantyre, were very much annoyed over the cutting off of the electric light at their post. The post was on ground owned by the local Community Service Organisation, and was fitted up by the County Council’s own tradesmen.

The head warden told ” The Sunday Post ” the cutting off of the light is something of a mystery. Some members of the Community Service Committee recently raised the question of who gave the county authorities permission to fit up the light. The A.R.P. officials have their own meter and pay for their own light. The head warden took the matter up with the A.R.P. officials, but no satisfaction had been obtained. Saying at the time, “If the dispute is not settled at once, the wardens have decided under no conditions will they back to the old system of lighting the post with paraffin storm lamps, as the fumes are insufferable.

Catch 22, it think. The Country official obviously wanted the area to appear dark, but how could duties be performed in darkness. It’s my understanding that the one of the A.R.P offices was in High Blantyre at Priestfield.

Article :The Sunday Post 20th July 1941

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