1911 The Danskins at Hunthill

1911 The DanskinsOne of our earliest family photos is over 100 years old! This was a time when a photograph was a real special event and needing planning and co-ordination. This photo we believe was taken in Hunthill Road in the back gardens of the tenements in 1911.

I’ve estimated the date as i recognise my grandmother, the little girl second from the left (Mary Danskin) around 4 years old. The older girl is Jean, her sister. Keep in mind, this was just BEFORE the Titanic sank and several years BEFORE the outbreak of the first world war! Aeroplanes were unheard of, the car was being born, tram cars lined the streets of Blantyre and kids left school about 12 or 13 years to go out to work! These sort of photos are treasured dearly by my family.

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